Donde sale el Sol is a resort wear label inspired by our knowledge of the ocean, our thrist for exploring the world and our love for high fashion. 

Understading the harmony between relaxed elegance and adventurous feminity, we believe in quality and originality. With self designed textiles, the product is carefully tailored to provide comfort and wearability. The brand has a warm, feminine appeal , is youthful and effortless in design, combined with bold -head turning - prints, made for chasing the sun, whether you is at home or abroad.

Donde Sale el Sol is designed for romantics who live a life well travelled, and who want to share their love for the sea. With every piece you purchase, you help a child fulfill his dream of seeing the ocean for the first time.


“Donde sale el sol” means “Where the sun rises”, and talks about

an unknown seaside place where all the magic and dreaming happens. 






Our philosophy is simple: love and happiness can be shared.

Inspired by Sophie Calle's "La mer", we created  program that makes little dreams come true. Imagine you've never seen the sea! The idea of this program is to take children in little towns around Colombia in a journey to the sea for the first time. This might seem like a trivial aid for a country were so many struggle with issues such as extreme poverty, violence, among other things, but we believe that childhood is synonym of future and that future is constructed upon possibilities and believing that dreams can come true. In this sense, we feel we can give a new generation the chance to grow up with the idea that everything they can dream they can achieve.  

A percentage of your purchase goes directly to this program.